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WATCH: Nov 3 INN Interview
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ALERT! Mon, Nov 10 : CTB will be at Philly City Commissioners meeting, 9 am, 520 N. Delaware and Spring Garden.



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--VotersUnite - list of election problems

ALSO SEE: CNN map of voter call-in problems

Nov 4: E-voting problems reported early in battleground states

Nov 2:  Already 100,000 complaints

Nov 1: Gore Vidal to Obama: Do Not Concede!

Oct 29: 
Nov 3:  Federal Judge Harvey S. Bartle III ruled today that emergency paper ballots must be made available when fifty percent or more voting machines fail at polling locations across Pennsylvania. http://www.voteraction.org/

Oct 27: Obama/Dems 5,000 lawyers MIA!

Oct 24: Vote flipping in Texas, W.Va, Tenn, and MO and where are the thousands of Obama/DNS attorneys?

Oct 23: This election is another debacle - massive purges of voter rolls, civilrights.org/
and vote-flipping computers, mwcnews.net/

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Nov 4: Obama has already lost hundreds of thousands of votes due to voter purges, absentee ballots problems, and vote flipping machines.  The Dems and his silence on this issue has been impossible to explain or excuse.  Regardless, please pass out literature, audit your polls, just do something!

Nov 3: Commissioners made national news on Democracy Now.  See videos: 2 disturbing videos:

Nov 3: Lynn called into WURD, the Lionel Show (Air America), WBCB, and was interviewed by INNworldreport.net. Now it's your turn! CALL-IN!

Nov 2: Lynn Landes got a call into C-SPAN this morning! Now it's your turn! CALL-IN!

Oct 20:
PRESS RELEASE, CountTheBallots (CTB) Calls for 'Citizen Audits' On Election Day -  Warns of Widespread Fraud


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Whistleblower Gates: 1987 Deposition of Cincinnati Bell employee: 1970's to 80's, FBI &  phone companies hacked into election computers (video pending)

Bill Moyer's interview of Mark Crispin Miller: video

John Silvestro (LHS) programs most ballot scanners for New England video and news


 The Onion "Diebold"  video

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Diebold video / WV 2008 article!



Audits are in order, even if you think you lost in a landslide.  Clint Curtis found in his audit results a 12-24% difference from the 'official' results. So, flood your city council and election board meetings, and demand paper ballots and hand counts! 

Audit The Polls! (find out how, on or after Election Day)
Report (voting and registration problems)
Do Something! (all year long) 
(C-SPAN & others!)
Check & Find (registration and poll)
Organize (a meetup.com)
Post (ex: philadelphia.craigslist.org/pol)
Chat (this is new, for groups convenience)
Avoid (straight party option, early & absentee voting)

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Whether you are a candidate or a voter, whether you won or lost, we all must keep fighting for our right to vote on a paper ballot and to have those ballots counted properly.  Audit the Vote, sue in court, demonstrate in the streets, organize your community, just do something!   

We will never really know who won this or any other election until we COUNT THE BALLOTS!  Voting is the linchpin of democracy. And democracy demands transparency, not trust. 

Yet, in America today there is no transparency to our elections. That's because 95% of all votes (including paper ballots) are computer-counted.  And 50% of all voting is early or absentee. It is an open door to undetectable election fraud and massive miscounts.

We need to give poll watchers something to watch on Election Day. If not, all bets are off as to who gets to vote and whose votes get counted.

Neither federal nor state oversight can safeguard an inherently unobservable voting system.  Worse yet, America’s public voting system has been privatized and outsourced to a handful of domestic, foreign, and multi-national corporations.

In fact, just two companies (ES&S and Diebold), started by two brothers (Bob and Todd Urosevich), computer-count 80% of all America’s votes (using touch screen machines and ballot scanners).

It is virtually impossible for poll watchers to detect election fraud when the software is routinely updated and annually re-programmed for each election by company officials.  Even if the computer systems were government-controlled and the software was ‘open source’, it is still non-transparent.

News media exit polls, government-controlled audits, and post election recounts are neither sufficiently transparent to detect election fraud nor constitutional substitutes for the right to have votes counted properly in the first place.

Things weren't always this way.  Voting was a completely transparent process in America before the Civil War (even though it was restricted to white males).  It was only after the Civil War, as the right to vote extended to African-Americans and eventually to women, that election officials began to restrict direct access to a paper ballot and destroy meaningful public oversight of the voting process.  It started with the introduction of absentee voting in the 1870’s, secret ballots in the 1880’s, and voting machines in the 1890’s.  Today, our voting system is virtually invisible.

CountTheBallots.org is fighting for our constitutional right to vote and to have our votes counted properly. To fully enforce this right, citizens must have direct access to a paper ballot and meaningful public oversight of the voting process.  

We support paper ballots and hand counts at the polls on Election Day.  We are opposed to voting machines, ballot counting machines, central counting locations, and early voting.  We also suggest that absentee voting be limited to presidential elections and Americans living or based abroad; voting and vote counting could be conducted at polls at U.S. embassies, consulates, overseas military bases and military ships. 

Voting is the linchpin of democracy.  And democracy demands transparency, not trust.  Join the movement.  Count The Ballots!